Challenges and opportunities of the Smart Grid

User-centric approach

  • electricity market opportunities
  • value added services
  • flexible demand
  • lower prices
  • micro-generation opportunities

Electricity grids refurbishment and innovation

  • aiming at providing efficient asset management
  • increasing automation boosting quality of service
  • leveraging system wide remote control
  • deal with grid ageing

Security of supply

  • limited primary resources of traditional
    energy sources
  • flexible storage
  • need for higher reliability and quality
  • increase network and generation capacity

Liberalised markets

  • development of new products and services, meeting the requirements and opportunities
    of liberalisation
  • high demand flexibility
  • controlled price volatility
  • flexible and predictable tariffs
  • liquid markets for energy and grid services trading

Interoperability of electricity grids

  • supporting market implementation
  • management of cross border and transit network congestion
  • improving the long-distance transport and integration of renewable energy sources
  • enhanced transfer capabilities leveraging security of supply

Distributed generation (DG) and renewable energy sources (RES)

  • local energy management
  • losses and emissions reduction
  • integration within power grids

Central generation

  • renewal of the existing power plants
  • efficiency improvement
  • increased flexibility aiming at providing system services
  • integration with RES and DG

Environmental issues

  • reaching Kyoto protocol targets while evaluating their impact on the grid
  • emissions reduction
  • increasing social responsibility and sustainability
  • optimizing visual impact and land-use

Demand side management and demand response (DSM/DR)

  • developing strategies for local demand modulation and load control
  • deploy electronic metering and automatic meter management systems

Politics and regulatory aspects

  • development and coordination of policies and regulatory frameworks

Social and demographic aspects

  • considering changed demand of an ageing society with increased comfort and quality of life