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IEEE EnergyCon 2016, 5-8 April 2016, Leuven, Belgium

Efacec has participated in the IEEE EnergyCon 2016 conference, held in Leuven, Belgium. This event occurred between the 5th and 8th of April 2016.
Nuno Silva (Efacec) has made a presentation regarding the goals and outcome of the Monitor BT project, entitled: "Fault Detection and Location in Low Voltage Grids based on Distributed Monitoring". 
The joint paper was written by N. Silva, F. Basadre, P. Rodrigues (Efacec), M. S. Nunes, A. Grilo, A. Casaca (INESC-ID/INOV), F. Melo, L. Gaspar (EDP Distribuição).


The paper presents results from the Monitor BT project - an R&D project supported by European funds and granted by the Portuguese Strategic Reference Framework. The project has two main objectives - first to develop and deploy new functionalities for fault detection and location in the Low Voltage (LV) grid, based on the data provided by distributed sensors; and second to dynamically control of the injected power by photovoltaic micro-generators for voltage control. This paper presents results regarding the first objective where local sensors collect data from the LV grid and this information is processed locally to detect the faulted branch.
Workshop: Project Closing Session, Leiria, Portugal, 25 September 2015
During this session, Alberto Jorge Bernardo (Efacec) has made the project presentation and, together with Francisco Basadre (Efacec), both have made a demonstration of its results.
Augusto Casaca (INOV), Francisco Melo and Luís Gaspar (EDP Distribuição) have participated in the debate with the audience, where subjects related to smart grids were brought to discussion.
João Torres (CEO of EDP Distribuição) has made a final intervention, highlighting the importance of LV grid automation, namely as designed and implemented within Monitor BT, and as part of the smart grids achievements, a goal that EDP Distribuição has defined towards its deployment.
  The broad audience had the participation of representatives from:
  • EDP Distribuição
  • EEM – Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira
  • ANI – National Innovation Agency
  • IST – Instituto Superior Técnico
  • EnergyIn – Competitiveness and Technology Cluster for Energy
  • Batalha Municipality
  • INOV
  • Efacec
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23rd International Conference on Electricity Distribution, Lyon, France, 15-18 June 2015
Alberto Jorge Bernardo (Efacec) has made several presentations of the poster. And project flyer was distributed at the Efacec booth.
A. Bernardo, N. Silva, A. Carrapatoso, P. Rodrigues (Efacec), F. Melo, C. Mota Pinto (EDP), M. Nunes, T. Silva, A. Casaca (INOV), "Monitor BT pilot project: Combined voltage regulation approach for LV grids with PV penetration", CIRED 2015, Lyon, France, 15-18 June 2015.
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ENERGEIA Seminar on "Dispersed Renewable Generation: Challenges, Current Developments and Technology Trends", March 24th 2015, held at the University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

This seminar was organized by UAlg (, in the scope of the ENERGEIA (Energy Enterprise Generation in the MED Area) project ( Besides Efacec, other reputable entities have participated, namely the Algarve’s Regional Agency for Energy and Environment (, the Engineering Academic Institute of the Algarve’s University (, Bowen Iberia ( and the University of Malaga (

The agenda of the event can be downloaded here [PT].

A presentation was made by Alberto Jorge Bernardo, regarding the Monitor BT project, specifically addressing how the project leverages low voltage grid monitoring for enabling distributed energy sources penetration.

Workshop on “InovGrid Suppliers – Opportunities for the National Industry”, March 16th 2015, held at the University of Évora, Évora, Portugal

This workshop was organized by the Smart Grid row of EnergyIn (, focusing on the outcome of the InovGrid (link) project, as well as on the subsequent tasks related to this Smart Grids project. Besides Efacec, several reputable entities have participated, namely EDP Distribuição (, Janz/Contar (, CGI/Logica (, Arquiled ( and Siemens (

The agenda of the event can be downloaded here [PT].

A presentation was made by Nuno Silva, regarding the Smart Grids concept within the framework of R&D and pilot projects, including the InovGrid project. Moreover, Paulo Rodrigues also presented the Efacec perspective of the project outcome.

Moreover, the Monitor BT project was briefly presented by Nuno Silva. Monitor BT flyers were distributed among the participants in the workshop.

Workshop on Smart Electric Energy, organized by the Technology Committee of Efacec and held at Casa de Serralves, Porto, Portugal, on January the 22nd, 2015
Participation at the Energy Efficiency session, by Alberto Jorge Bernardo, with a presentation on the subject “Energy Efficiency – expectations, perspectives and prospective”. A briefing on the Monitor BT project was presented to the audience, as well as how the project scope relates to Energy Efficiency.
CIGRÉ 2014, held in Paris, France, from 24th to 29th August

Smart Grids R&D projects, highlighting the Monitor BT flyer
Efacec has participated in the CIGRÉ Exhibition with a booth, where some of its solutions for power systems were presented, comprising Transformers, HV and MV Switchgear, as well as Substation Automation
Furthermore, all R&D projects Efacec is currently participating in were also described, with a special highlight for Monitor BT
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RTCM Workshop (Rede Temática de Comunicações e Mobilidade, standing for Thematic Network for Communications and Mobility), held on July 4, 2014, at Science and Technology College of Lisbon’s New University
    Presentation by professor Mário Serafim Nunes (INOV)
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CIRED Workshop – Challenges of Implementing Active Distribution System Management, Rome, Italy, 11-12 June 2014

View of the poster with the presence of Monitor BT team members: A. Bernardo (Efacec), A. Casaca (Inov) and F. Melo (EDP Distribuição)
Professor Augusto Casaca (INOV) and Alberto Jorge Bernardo (Efacec) have made several presentations of the poster related to paper 0337:
M. Nunes, A. Grilo, A. Casaca (INOV); A. Bernardo, N. Silva (Efacec); C. Mota Pinto, F. Melo (EDP Distribuição), "Leveraging Fault Detection and Voltage Control in Low Voltage Gridsbased on distributed monitoring", Proceedings of this conference
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13th  Conference on Computer Networks (13ª Conferência sobre Redes de Computadores), Leiria, Portugal, November 2013
  Professor Augusto Casaca has made a presentation of the following paper
A. Grilo, P. Pereira, M. Nunes, A. Casaca, “A Survey of Communication Technologies for the Low Voltage Distribution Segment in a Smart Grid”, Proceedings of this conference, ISBN: 978-972-8793-62-3, pp. 1-6
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