» Existing Devices

The role of Efacec was to develop new algorithms for:

  • Fault detection and location over LV grid segments and over public lighting segments
  • Voltage regulation by providing dynamic active power remote control of inverters installed in micro-generation PV installations
The new algorithms were developed and installed in a Distribution Transformer Controller (DTC), by Efacec. G Smart is a product suitable for Smart Grids.
G Smart – the Distribution Transformer Controller, by Efacec
Moreover, Efacec also adapted its single phase Smart Meter, the M Box, to cope with the home area network requirements, so that it could interface a home server, by INOV, performing PV inverter control features.
M Box – the single phase Smart Meter, by Efacec
» New Prototypes

The role of INOV was to develop new prototypes for:

  • RF Mesh enabled LV Sensors, suitable for LV grids – three phase – and for public lighting (PL) segments – single phase
  • RF Mesh Gateway, to bridge the RF Mesh enabled LV/PL Sensors with the DTC
  • PV controller, performing the role of a home server for curtailing – and releasing curtailment of – PV inverters, upon a remote active power set-point calculated and sent by the DTC.
1st prototype version of the LV Sensor
LV Sensor pre-series version
1st prototype version of the RF Mesh Gateway
RF Mesh Gateway pre-series version
Prototype of the PV Controller (home server), developed over an embedded platform